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Sunlighten Sauna Coupons

Thanks to our friends over at The Guy’s List, we can share with you an exclusive code from Sunlighten to use on their full range of infrared saunas. Sunlighten offers four distinct sauna collections, each with their own light combination and varying levels of functionality and aesthetics. Daily sauna usage has several benefits so having a sauna at home is an absolute game changer, and one of the best at-home IR sauna manufacturers is Sunlighten. So, if you’re looking to buy a sauna and want to save a little extra money, click the link below to save up to $600 on your order.

How do I apply a Sunlighten Sauna Discount Code?

Here is a step-by-step guide for using the Sunlighten sauna coupon code at checkout: 

    1. First, find the sauna you like.
    2. Next step is to click the Get Pricing button.
    3. You should now be on the Get Pricing page.
    4. Enter your full name, phone, and email.
    5. Don’t forget to enter code CHRISHOGAN
    6. Click submit.
    7. When they call you tell them Chris Hogan, former NFL veteran, recommended their product to you.
    8. That’s it!

How to use a Sunlighten Sauna Coupon


Sunlighten Sauna Discount Code FAQs

How Much do Sunlighten Saunas Cost?

Pricing for Sunlighten saunas varies based on what product you are looking for and how you customize it. But for reference here are some baseline pricing options below. 

  • Solo System portable saunas start at $2,899
  • Cabin saunas start at $4,499

Keep in mind these prices are subject to change.

Do Sunlighten Sauna Coupon Codes Expire?

Sunlighten’s coupon codes typically do expire. However, our exclusive partner code does NOT expire. So, if you want to save on your sauna, be sure to use code: (CHRISHOGAN) as directed above.

How Do I Find Sunlighten Sauna Discounts & Deals?

The best way to get a discount is by using our code above. You likely won’t find a better discount code for Sunlighten saunas anywhere else. If you’re looking for deals and sales, it’s probably a good idea to join their email list as well as ours to stay informed about possible price changes or sales.

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