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Here at The Girl’s List, we are in constant pursuit of amazing products, great deals, and life hacks. We know how fun it can be to shop but also know the pain of making a bad purchase. Our mission is to help make your life easier by helping you dodge bad purchases and find the best deals for the products we love. Along the way, we also share our favorite tips, tricks, and hacks to make you the best woman you can be.

We have experts from all walks of life who have been in your shoes at one point and can share their experiences so that you can learn from their mistakes and make the right choices. So whether you just got your first job, are planning a honeymoon, or are sending the kids off to college our team has recommendations for every stage of your life journey.

So next time you’re going to buy that new purse, plan that trip, or start that new diet head to The Girl’s List first to get tips from women who have done it before and can guide your decision!

Meet The Girls

Anneke KnotStyle Girl
Anneke Knot, the creative force behind the pen, is your go-to freelance writer and fashion aficionado at Hailing from San Francisco, she seamlessly blends her editorial expertise from Real Simple and Health magazines with a passion for defending the Oxford comma and exploring the city’s brunch treasures.
Neva BarraFitness Girl
Neva is a certified personal trainer living in Chicago who can help you achieve all of your fitness goals.
SaVanna ShoemakerWellness Girl
SaVanna Shoemaker, our nutrition virtuoso, transforms wellness into words on, blending science with creativity to serve up articles that nourish both the mind and the soul. ????✨

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