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With influencers and multiple social media platforms, it can be so hard to keep up with the “ins & outs” of beauty trends. In today’s world, we are constantly trying to keep up with ever-changing and evolving trends, one of them being popular nail styles. Nail trends can be complicated due to various factors, such as nail shape and length, as well as the type of polish and style of manicure. To make your next manicure easier, we’ve compiled a list of our best spring nail designs that are both trendy and classy, guaranteeing to look stunning this spring. With our favorite trends, we’ve also included links to materials that can help you get these nails looks at home, or that you can bring into the salon to guarantee that you get the manicure you’re looking for.


What are the best Spring Nail Trends for 2024?


Pearly, luminous, painted nails

Best Overall: Chrome Nails

  • Pearly finish

  • Can be applied over any color

  • Highly affordable powder set

Slim Broome Stretch Jeans by Mott & Bow

Best For Work: Classic French Manicure

  • Trusted nail brand

  • Beautiful pink/nude color

  • Looks clean and professional

Dark pink, maroonish-colored nail polish on a woman's hand

Best Bright: Cherry Red Nails

  • Timeless nail look back in style

  • Trusted nail polish brand

  • Bright pop-of-color for spring

A woman's hand with light, pink, polished nails

Best Neutral:  Strawberry Milk Nails

  • Perfect pastel look for spring

  • Viral polish combination on social media

  • Easy to add into your Manscaped grooming routine

A woman's hand with newly painted nails, the tips pointed and metalic-looking

Best Fun Style: Metallic French Tips

  • A new, fun aspect to a classic style

  • Can choose gold or silver to match your jewelry preference

  • Can be done in multiple bold metallic colors

Best Overall: Beetles Chrome Nail Powder

Four rows of painted nail color samples, ranging from purple and blue to white and tan


The chrome nail trend has completely taken over social media in recent months. First coming from Hailey Bieber’s “Glazed Doughnut” nails to then influencers creating chocolate and strawberry “Glazed Doughnut” nails, this chrome powder has taken over the beauty industry. Chrome powder is applied on top of a polish to give off that shiny, iridescent look. We love this trend because your polish and color choice can be completely your own, but this powder added on top will provide a beautiful shine. The pearly white look shown above is our personal favorite, but browns, pinks, blues, dark greens, and reds have been other popular colors to use as a base for the chrome. We hope this trend lasts forever because of how stunning these chrome nails look.

If you’re anything like me, painting your nails at home, even without powder on top, sounds like a disaster. Many women choose to get their chrome nails done at a salon to save themselves the stress. But if you’re a woman who has mastered the art of doing your nails at home (we’re all jealous of you), this Amazon chrome kit comes with four different powders and brush applicators.

Why We Love It: A new, shiny style to brighten up your look this spring.

Best for Work: Classic French Manicure

A pink bottle of nail polish and a white one


You’re likely well-acquainted with the classic French manicure. Born in 1970s Hollywood, this manicure style has become a timeless design that you can rely on for every season for any year. This year, we have seen this vintage style making a major comeback due to influencers and social media. This Essie set, sold on Amazon, is the perfect duo for a classic French look, a pinkish, nude base, with white tips.

This style works on all different nail shapes but for this spring, you’ll probably want to opt for a mid-length, almond-shaped nail. Super long nails are no longer trending due to their functionality and some women are bringing back short nails. For a French manicure, we love the almond-shaped nails since it gives off such an elegant and classy look.

Why We Love It: A reliable, timeless style that will always look professional.

Best Bright Nails: Cherry Red Nails


A bottle of dark pink, maroonish nail polish

Every year we seem to see some shade of red come back into style for our manicures but this year we are obsessed with this cherry red trend. Cherry designs have been seen coming back into style during the fall of 2023, so we knew these cherry red nails would be a hit this year. This cherry red shade has gone super viral on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. In the winter, many women were getting a deeper red shade, referring to them as “Merlot Nails”, but now that spring is coming we are all switching it up to a brighter shade of red. This shade from Essie, “Berry Naughty” is our personal favorite. Besides cherry designs making a comeback, red has been taking over in 2024. Red sweaters, shoes, and bags have been trending all over the fashion industry and we absolutely love it! These nails will be the best pop of color to compliment all of your spring outfits this season.

Why We Love It: A bright color with a classic feel to complete your spring style.

Best Neutral: Strawberry Milk Nails

OPI brand nail polish, one white and one pink


The name “Strawberry Milk Nails” comes from various social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, as this nail design and combination has gone viral. These OPI polishes, “Funny Bunny” and “Bubble Bath” have gone so viral for layering them over each other after Hailey Bieber posted this as her go-to nail combination, that they are now sold together on Amazon. The photo above shows the beautiful result of this layering technique. We love this look for spring, as it portrays a beautiful, neutral pastel look. If you want to add some shine to this combination, ask for one coat of “Bubble Bath”, one coat of “Funny Bunny”, and one layer of chrome powder.

Why We Love It: The perfect layering combination for a light, spring look.

Best Fun Nail Design: Metallic French Tips

A bottle of Sally Hanson's foil-colored nail polish


If you prefer to keep your manicured nails fun for this upcoming spring, these metallic French tips are our favorite fun design trend. They’re a playful twist on a classic French nail, keeping the base neutral, but switching up the tip color to be fun metallics. Our personal favorite is this silver that we have been seeing everywhere in 2024. If you’re worried that silver nails will clash with your jewelry preferences, we have seen plenty of women switching this metallic silver for a shiny gold.

Maybe gold and silver aren’t your favorite nail colors- don’t worry, this Sally Hansen polish comes in a variety of colors such as pink, blue, purple, green, and even a rose-gold color.

Why We Love It: A fun, bright twist on a classic design.

Spring Nail Design FAQ’s

What Nail Color Is Most Attractive?

When deciding on which nail color is most attractive, there really is no right or wrong answer. The nail color that will look best on you will be different for everyone depending on skin tone, undertones, personal clothing style, and more. Also remember that the shape, style, and length of your nails will play a huge role in the finished look of your manicure. If you’re not sure what color to choose, you can never go wrong with a classic French manicure, a neutral light pink, a reliant clear coat, or a timeless red.

What Nail Trends are out in 2024?

As for nail trends that are out for 2024, we have seen a decrease in coffin-shaped nails and long oval-shaped nails. Many believe that this year, all styles of long nails will phase out, as some people just find them less practical. If you prefer long nails, opt for an almond shape instead of the other styles. Other nail trends that will be phasing out in 2024 will be designs such as swirled lines, flowers, and any kind of thick sparkly polish.

 Are designs or polishes better?

In 2024, it’s better to opt for a fun or interesting polish over a design. As you can see from our favorite trends above, this year there is a lot of layering of polishes and powders, instead of adding a design on top of your manicure. If you prefer designs, french tips will always be timeless. Luckily, if you prefer something more fun, this year we are seeing colored and metallic tips. If you do opt for a decal, some of 2024’s trending designs are hearts, bows, or stars on top of a French manicure to add some color or shine.

What nail trend never goes out of style?

A nail trend that will never go out of style is a French manicure. It’s a timeless design that you can always rely on to be your go-to. It’s clean, beautiful, and classic. It is also always able to be changed to adapt to keep up with recent trends. We love that you can opt for a regular, classic French style or you can ask for French with colored tips, french with chrome, french with a metallic shine, or French with a design on the tips.

What Nail trend is longest-lasting?

The longest-lasting nail trend is most likely the chrome powder since it is usually paired with a gel manicure. Traditionally, gel and acrylic nails will last longer than regular polish. For a gel manicure, you can either have tips put on the nail and then have the gel polish of your choice painted onto them, or you can have the polish applied to your natural nail. The polish will then be cured under a UV lamp and the chrome powder will be applied on top. A gel manicure will usually last 2-3 weeks before the polish starts to chip. We love that with the shiny chrome applied on top of your manicure, it will be harder to notice when your nails start to grow out.

What Nail trend is best for older women in 2024?

In 2024, age does not determine what you can and can’t put on your nails and we would love to see the trends above on all ages! If you’re an older woman who prefers to keep things traditional, the perfect spring nails for you would be the Cherry Red nail trend, the French tips, or the Chrome nails! We love how the cherry red color compliments so many skin tones and hands of any age! The French tips are timeless and we love the pearly look of the chrome on top of a white or light pink. You also can never go wrong with the pastel result of the Strawberry Milk nail trend!

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